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So you may not want to follow in ‘Muddy Myrtle’s’ footsteps and do a Tough Mudder when you are 83, but what do you want to be able to do as you age?

According to UK experts, having a vision of your health and activity goals helps ensure that, like your investments, you become strategic in your approach. That is, if you want be run a marathon when you are 65 then there are certain nutrition, cardio and strength activities you should invest in.

But what if you goals are less extreme? Do you still have to think about your health with the same strategic mindset? The answer is a resounding yes, particularly when you think of activities such as running after your grandchild in a parking lot or lifting your carry on luggage into the overhead compartment, or simply navigating irregular stairs.

Once we reach 30 years of age we lose 1-2% of our muscle mass each year, so fast forward 2 or 3 decades and it becomes easy to understand why we cannot easily do now what was once a no-brainer.

And even if you are into fitness on a regular basis most of our activities are straight lined focussed, like running, riding or swimming. Exercising different muscle groups that help strengthen your balance and lateral motion are key to helping you enjoy tennis or pickle ball, or keeping your balance while hiking those rocky trails.

Experts emphasize such exercises as balancing on one leg, doing squats with a weight, and exercising your entire core muscles, not just your abs:)

No one health routine fits all so it is helpful to know what your future ambitions are to know what your fitness routine should be – and you should consult a professional before engaging with new exercises (we don’t heal as fast as we used to;)

So cast your gaze out 20-30 years. Keeping your health strong won’t necessarily increase your longevity but it will certainly reduce any pain and increase your activity options. Life with activity and purpose? Hey, a big cheers to that!!

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Photo Credit: Tough Mudder