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Retirement is a challenging time…

for both companies and the soon to be retirees.

The Retirement Timeline

What Usually Happens

5 Years

Anxiety begins

1 Year

↓ Engagement
↓ Innovation
↑ Cultural Challenge
↑ Anxiety


Anxious about retirement
Enjoy honeymoon phase

Lost Knowledge

↓ Loss of Identity and Purpose
↓ Loss of Social Networks
↓ Premature Decline in Physical and Mental Health

Increase healthcare costs

Reduction in overall quality of life

What We Want To Happen

Here is where you would start

5 Years Mind Switch

Early Planning
Increased Savings
Create purpose in retirement

1 Year

↑ Engagement
↑ Innovation
↑ Living Legacy
↓ Anxiety
Preparing for new post work identity


Excited and optimistic about retirement

Building New Identity/Purpose

Growth Mindset/Confident
New Social Structures
Mental and Physical Wellness

Reduced Healthcare Costs

Reduced HealthCare Costs for both employer and employee

Keynotes and Workshops

Delivered as keynote or half day workshop – in person or virtual

Retire and Aspire

Best Audience: Company groups or individuals who are looking at retiring within the next 10 years.

Keynote Objectives:

  • Understand the important aspects of retirement such as identity, purpose, budgets, vitality, social connection, growth and adventure.
  • Learn how to craft a suite of Mind Switch habits that opens up many great opportunities including new interests, careers and adventures.
  • Integrate key health and behaviour habits that will utilize the full potential of body and mind.
  • Start to craft a living legacy that represents the best of who you are.

In this ½ day workshop participants are lead through an entertaining and interactive series of presentations, group discussions and activities allowing them to customize their own Mind Switch plan, laying the pathway for a successful and desirable transition to their own retirement.


Lifestyle Entrepreneurship

Best Audience: Company groups or individuals who are looking at retiring within the next 10 years.

At the centre of Lifestyle Entrepreneurship is usually a suppressed desire to run your own business with something you are passionate about at its centre. It is your time and instead of creating a business that owns you, the purpose this time is to flex and grow your entrepreneurial skills by creating a business that fits well into your work optional lifestyle.

Whether that is a part-time business run 2-days a week, a seasonal business that you shut down for months on end, or a business of your own custom time commitment, Lifestyle entrepreneurship will show you how to create a business that provides you with a compelling purpose, supplemental income and a chance to craft a post work identity.

Attendees of this inspirational and entertaining program will:

  • Discover and articulate what they want from their business, both in monetary and non-monetary terms
  • Learn how to put their ideas through a simple yet effective business validation filter
  • Begin creating a road map to bring their business idea to life.

Why Mind Switch?

Retirement can be a challenging time for both companies and the soon to be retirees. Yes, you provide employees with some resources but the fact is that 95% of retirees are vastly unprepared for the changes that await them, both financially and non-financially.

By including the Mind Switch Academy as part of your retirement program, you will help your employees prepare both financially and non-financially by developing goals, mindsets and habits that will not only benefit them in retirement, but will increase their contribution while they are still part of your team.

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