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For many, the crossover from full-time career to work-optional living can reveal something of a vacuum on the other side. Granted, the time of no schedules, no meetings, and reduced stress offered by ‘retirement’ needs to be fully celebrated. But when the celebration dwindles (and it will); when these new benefits of life without a position or career become everyday well, a vacuum gets turned on, looking to get you moving again.

This is the key point of inflection for the newly retired. Actually, it is even key for seasoned retirees. My company name, Mind Switch, came from this place of transition.

It is here each of us, each of our clients, has a choice. We have a choice to fill our hours, days, weeks, years and decades with the convenient, the easy and the urgent OR we can do something a little different, that like a good investment, yields incredible returns over time. That something different is to pursue an interest or passion, even though you never have taken an action step other than thinking about it.

For example, perhaps for you the passion is painting. You have always wanted to try it even though you have never put brush to canvas. But the thought of starting something where success is not guaranteed (ego ouch), buying the supplies, setting up a small studio and taking lessons creates short-term discomfort in you, so you don’t engage painting at all, and endure the long-term dissatisfaction.

Or maybe you want to get really fit but the self-critiquing of your body (ego ouch), knowing how much effort you would have to put in to get the health you wanted – ‘Ah, too much effort. I will continue to go for my walk around the block’, your inside voice chirps. Long-term dissatisfaction takes the hit again to avoid short-term discomfort.

You want, we all want, an incredible life with whatever time we have. Throw your Mind Switch and try choosing a long-term benefit instead of appeasing a short-term discomfort. Next time something grabs your interest, push through the inconvenience, effort and ego ouch you may initially feel, and get some momentum.

At the end of the day, our lives can be distilled down to our habits. Prove to no one other than yourself that when you want something, you will go after it. Once your subconscious mind knows this, your doubting inside voice will surrender the podium.