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Whether you are reading this on the last day of 2022 or in the first few days of 2023 there is a late season gift waiting for you before regular life gets its clutches on you. When you slow life down, as you often can during the holidays, you get to see more. Think of a Telsa speeding at 130 km/hr down a country highway and the blur the view out the window becomes.­­ Now imagine walking that same road at 4 km/hr and all the detail of the trees and grasses that come into focus. The clarity of detail, to see where you really are, becomes extraordinary. Your holidays offer you a similar experience – to see your year and life with a greater clarity in vision.

Here is the gift waiting for you right now. I want you to choose just one new thing you would like to experience early in the new year. This may be:

  1. An experience such as registering for a painting class or trying pickle ball
  2. Connecting with someone you want to mend a past disagreement and shed the dread of that relationship
  3. Going through the attic accumulation and downsizing the never going to use again collection

So many smaller items that if you took action towards one and got it out of your head and into your life, it would bring a smile to your face. The gift you have now is the power of focus because the world has slowed down for most of us over the past couple of weeks. Take this gift and bring it into 2023.

What small step or action would bring a smile to your face? For me I have chosen to do stretching 3-times a week to keep my arthritis at bay. This makes me smile because it keeps me on the volleyball court and ski slopes.

I trust you have recognized I am not suggest the list of traditional resolutions. While this works for some most leave their intentions on the roadside very early in the new year because real life wrangles away their focus and resolve. By choosing just one meaningful and happy small goal, and then achieving it, your inside voice will increasingly believe that what you think and say you will do, you will actually do. And there are few gifts greater than believing in yourself.

A very Happy New Year to you with a wish that our paths cross frequently in 2023.