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With this week’s census data showing 1 in 5 workers nearing retirement, the need for individuals to prepare themselves for what may be the largest chasm in their lives, has reached unprecedented heights.

The Challenge? When you leave a career behind you also lose much of your identity, purpose, daily structure and social connections with it, not to mention a regular pay cheque.

While the retirement ‘honeymoon suite’ of activities such as travel, relaxation, etc. can occupy your time for a few months, most retirees enter a period of decay soon afterwards, unless they actively explore and rebuild these four key areas.

With current life spans offering most of us over two decades in retirement, and this number is only going to grow as medical advances continue, to get full value out of all your years of hard work, it makes sense to invest some time and discover new passions and activities you not only enjoy, but also challenge you, both intellectually and physically. You will be well served to flip your mind switch and see your retirement, not just as a time of retreating and relaxation, but as an entirely new phase of life to be fully lived. Chances are when you do retire, you will have more time freedom and resources than ever before, a winning lottery ticket if you will. Make sure you cash yours in.

If you are unsure how to explore a vibrant and vital retirement for yourself, ask your employer if they provide some non-financial retirement planning resources. If you want road map blueprint to help yourself start planning, visit

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