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We are all watching the bear market come out of a prolonged hibernation this year and more than a few on either side of retirement are pushing pause on the adventures of their lives because of it. Here is why, in most cases, you shouldn’t.

First, the financial rationale. Your financial plan or retirement ‘cake’ should have layers in it, including some low risk after tax dollar layers such as bonds, etc. you would be using to finance the next few years of your retirement. These elements are not subject to the same intense market fluctuations as equities. Accessing these can greatly reduce or eliminate the need to sell equities at a loss to fund your upcoming adventures.

Now for the good stuff. Why am I such a strong advocate to ensure you continue to have a life full of inspirational adventures? Adventures in the truest sense of the word, provide you with growth, vitality and lest we forget, fun. Having visceral adventures, or not, greatly effects the way you perceive life. To borrow additional financial jargon, it is not an effective disposition of assets (your limited time) to live in the shadows of your goals – a life without adventure. As you think of or live in retirement, your time left to bring to life your GOAT (greatest of all time) adventures becomes your greatest asset, not your dollars.

Pay less attention to the markets and have your financial advisor/wealth manager do that for you. Markets are always cyclical and will rebound. And don’t forget, we have just experienced record returns for the past few years. In most cases, it is OK to invest some of these returns into the adventures you have always wanted.

(The above is not intended as professional financial advice. Individuals should consult with their professional financial advisor to determine what is best for their unique situation)