VIP Registration

Congratulations on registering for the Retire and Aspire Virtual Summit. We are so glad to have you join us and are positive you will find it incredibly valuable as you plan for or live your work-optional life. (We have been providing these workshops for over a decade) If you are truly committed to having the best work-optional life possible please consider joining us as a VIP. In addition to all the great content general attendees will get, as a VIP you will also receive:

  • Private VIP question and answer sessions with Scott and the presenters
  • A copy of the Mind Switch Retire and Aspire Guidebook sent to your home to create your own customized work-optional life plan
  • Free access to the Mind Switch Academy online course Power Habits

Normally the VIP experience is priced at $197 but if you choose to make the commitment to yourself now, we will reduce it to $96.

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