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    Why Mind Switch?

    Where does a happy, fulfilling and inspired vision of your best retirement come from? Your Mind Switch is the key for both to accessing that which you already intuitively aspire to and discovering new passions that are untapped. Join me and the thousands of Mind Switch renegades who rebel against the retreating from life concept of retirement and actively reshape what a great retirement, your next phase of life can, and should be.

    Whether you join us at a Live Event or our Online Academy or through our Mind Switch Guidebook, we can help you live fully and be authentically you, perhaps for the first time in many years.”

    So the question is, which

    program is best for you?

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    About Scott

    Fresh out of university Scott was sitting at a soulless desk and was deeply frustrated. He knew there had to be more than pushing paper, and that’s when things changed – he decided to make his Mind Switch! Five years later Scott had created Canada’s largest rehabilitation and education centre for abandoned exotic animals – a lifelong dream come true.

    Recognizing that transitions were available to anyone but often daunting to make, Scott began working with individuals to start their own businesses and take control of their lives. These efforts evolved into creating Academies for retiring military personnel and professional athletes so that they too could access incredible transitions.

    Scott has taken his experiences with hundreds of businesses and thousands of individuals to create Mind Switch, a program that helps individuals to retire and aspire.

    Scott is a professional speaker and trainer, published author, and has appeared on numerous television and radio programs. Embracing his Mind Switch to live fully, Scott also danced in front of an audience of over 2 billion people (and no, he is not a dancer.)

    Scott lives on the pacific coast of British Columbia with his family and when not working, can be found at the volleyball court, volunteering, skiing or writing his latest novel.


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