Mind Switch
for Business Owners

Best Audience: Business owners wanting to develop plans to remove themselves from day-to-day operations and develop a life balance including new aspirations and goals outside of their businesses.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop business systems and structure that work without the owner needing to be there.

  • Begin crafting a new personal identity that goes beyond business and into the realms of family, passion interests and legacy.

  • Create a personalized Mind Switch with goals, timelines and accountability.

  • Develop high performance routines to keep the energy levels strong and stress down.

Experiencing Scott Armstrong

Mind Switch
for Business Owners

Building Life Beyond Business

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Scott has been described as they guy who ‘gets his audience’ and is one of the most compelling and dynamic speakers you are ever likely to experience.

A few reasons companies, event planners and bureaus have worked with Scott include:

  • Scott and his team do their homework. Whether through interviews, surveys or research Scott’s team knows what success looks like for the event organizer, and the attendees.

  • Over the past 20 years, Scott has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, from coaching them get to their 1st million in sales to helping them sell their business for $20 million or more. Scott understands the leadership, systems and planning necessary for ongoing entrepreneurial success.

  • Scott delivers a customized experience for each audience including interactive and multi-media elements.

  • Scott brings the energy in a way that audience members feel like he is talking specifically to them.

  • Scott provides actionable steps in each presentation and through his podcast and videos offers a way for audience members to stay connected and continue their journey.

  • At our core is the value of incredible service and humility. This is not about us – it is about you and your clients.

  • We are constantly learning and developing new ways to provide value. We are hungry to maximize our value to you and your clients.

“Success is creating an ecosystem that produces profitable growth and a great work/incredible life balance.”
~ Scott Armstrong