Read Scott’s Story

What began by helping injured animals as an eight-year-old has led to the development of the entire Mind Switch program. Fresh out of university Scott was sitting at a soulless desk and was deeply frustrated. He knew there had to be more than pushing paper, and that’s when things changed – he decided to make his Mind Switch!

Three years later Scott had created Canada’s largest rehabilitation and education centre for abandoned exotic animals – a lifelong dream come true. As a result, an incredible myriad of wonderful creatures became part of his family – swimming with jaguars, running with wolves, playing in the snow with tigers, helping an owl take flight again.

Scott wanted to help others feel the incredible satisfaction that comes discovering and pursuing a life one feels proud of and connected to. His next step – to understand the necessary sequential steps that allowed himself and others to achieve what others said couldn’t be done.

Over the last 20 years Scott have worked with over 1200 businesses and individuals to help them create and grow businesses and careers that they felt connected to. His work on 4 continents includes helping grow a micro-finance program in Kenya to help entrepreneurs grow their independence and provide for their families. His Mind Switch program had been created and was now helping others reach what they thought was not possible.

Scott lives on the pacific coast of British Columbia with his family and when not working, can be found at the volleyball court, skiing or writing his latest novel.