Mind Switch
for Rock Star Performance

Best Audience: Leaders and teams who are looking to improve their performance through self-motivation and personal leadership.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the power of mindset and be able to use the tools to craft their own high performance set of beliefs.

  • Being able to apply filters to increase focus and positivity.

  • Learning the keys necessary to create  each  day for success and achievement.

  • Apply the key strategies for effective time usage.

  • Understand and apply tenacity to elevate individual and team performance.

Experiencing Scott Armstrong

Mind Switch
for Rock Star Performance

Thriving in Challenging Times

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Scott has been described as they guy who ‘gets his audience’ and is one of the most compelling and dynamic speakers you are ever likely to experience.

A few reasons companies, event planners and bureaus have worked with Scott include:

  • Scott delivers a customized experience for each audience including interactive and multi-media elements.

  • Scott brings the energy in a way that audience members feel like he is talking specifically to them.

  • Scott provides actionable steps in each presentation and through his podcast and videos offers a way for audience members to stay connected and continue their own Mind Switch journey.

  • Ego is not what drives us at Mind Switch. At our core is the value of service and humility, to help your members create a great transition plan for themselves.

  • We are constantly learning and developing new ways to provide value. We are hungry to maximize our value to you and your clients.

“Success is creating an ecosystem that produces profitable growth and a great work/incredible life balance.”
~ Scott Armstrong