Mind Switch
for Life Transitions

Best Audience: Company groups or individuals who are beginning to plan for, or have started their retirement

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the importance of non-financial aspects of retirement such as identity shift, the need of purpose, health habits, and future aspirations.

  • Learn how to craft a Mind Switch that opens up many great opportunities including new interests, careers and adventures.

  • Integrate key health and behaviour habits that will utilize the accessible potential of body and mind.

  • Start to craft a living legacy that represents the best of who you are.

Experiencing Scott Armstrong

Mind Switch
for Life Transitions

Don’t Retire; REWIRE!

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Scott has been described as they guy who ‘gets his audience’ and is one of the most compelling and dynamic speakers you are ever likely to experience.

A few reasons companies, event planners and bureaus have worked with Scott include:

  • Scott delivers a customized experience for each audience including interactive and multi-media elements.

  • Scott brings the energy in a way that audience members feel like he is talking specifically to them.

  • Scott provides actionable steps in each presentation and through his podcast and videos offers a way for audience members to stay connected and continue their own Mind Switch journey.

  • Ego is not what drives us at Mind Switch. At our core is the value of service and humility, to help your members create a great transition plan for themselves.

  • We are constantly learning and developing new ways to provide value. We are hungry to maximize our value to you and your clients.

“Inside every 50+ person there is a 20 year-old saying what the hell is happening”
~ Everyone who is over 50